Become a Trendsetter with Orangeries

If you are looking for the latest, most fashionable designs in home extensions then you will want to investigate orangeries.

Orangeries are growing in popularity across the world as an increasing number of homeowners are looking to improve the appearance of their property rather than move house because of the current economic climate.

If you are already au fait with home extensions then you will be familiar with the concept of orangeries but many people are unaware of their existence so it is important to first explain what they are.

An orangery is a house extension which is similar to a conservatory but is more common in wealthy neighbourhoods as they were initially only built by prosperous people.

Orangeries are ideal for exotic indoor plants which need plenty of light and this is where the name originated from as homes in temperate climates built these extensions to house fruits such as oranges.

There are many different designs of orangery available and you will find specific styles in various regions as some people build orangeries to give their home a traditional look while others prefer a more extravagant extension.

If you own a modern home, then you will probably prefer an orangery built from concrete as this style suits contemporary properties, while hardwood designs are also experiencing a boost in popularity.

Modern hardwood orangeries go really well with wooden houses or those that appear that they are built of wood as they act like a natural extension which flows from the property to the garden area.

More and more homeowners are requesting the design of special kitchen and living room orangeries which can extend the use of the existing room by making it easier to entertain family and friends.

The ever changing face of modern orangeries means that there will be new materials and designs coming in the near future so if you want to be ahead of the crowd then you should consult with your local conservatory company.

Conservatory companies will have the necessary expertise and in-house designers to create an orangery to meet your requirements and the best thing to do is to check their portfolio to research previous examples of their work.

Investigating conservatory companies online is also a good idea as this will provide you with feedback from previous customers who should state whether they completed the work on time and within budget.

If you like the look of a conservatory company then do not delay, get in touch today!