Function rooms

There are many reasons why people have extensions built onto their homes and the style is often determined by the reason for needing it in the first place. Bespoke conservatories and orangeries are particularly popular additions to a home for those requiring extra space for entertaining. Bespoke conservatories offer an excellent space for entertaining guests, whether for parties, family dinners or club meetings. Whatever the need, stylish and well-designed conservatories and orangeries make the perfect function room for your home.

There are many advantages to using an extension to increase the amount of space in your home and to create a new and fresh looking area in which to host guests. One of the big advantages is that with a bespoke extension you can design the floor layout to meet your specific requirements. If you have always wanted to have a large table to sit around and entertain guests, you can ensure that the new addition to your home is large enough and designed in the right shape to accommodate one. If you wish to have a dance floor or small stage in the room, you can design the layout accordingly. There is no better way to enhance your home for entertaining guests than by investing in a brand new conservatory or orangery. By being able to design the space and have it built to your requirements or selecting a standard design that matches your needs and taste means that you will never be disappointed with the outcome.