Bespoke Orangeries from The Kent Conservatory Company

Orangeries-Orangery from The Kent Conservatory Company

What are Orangeries?

The definition of an orangery has become blurred in recent times. Traditionally orangeries were constructed for the growth and cultivation of exotic plants and fruits. They were extravagant buildings with large windows and doors set between brick piers. The roofs were made from glass set on cast iron rafters and large cast box gutters to create areas of flat roof. The entire roof area was then surrounded by a parapet wall and the exterior walls were embellished with large stone columns and pilasters.

In modern times the definition of a bespoke “orangery” has become less defined with the general view being that it is a grand building with a partially glazed roof and stunning looks. Although many are still built using brick or stone, the majority are now built using a large proportion of timber window frames. The use of an orangery has also changed, seldom are they used as plant growing areas, they are now the light and airy striking extension that sits well on any property and provides an amazing atmosphere, what ever it’s use.

The Kent Conservatory Company has been building traditional bespoke orangeries for over 30 years. All our orangeries combine traditional craftsmanship together with modern building technologies. For a free consultation contact us now: 01580 438000