Let a conservatory or orangery brighten up your life

In the current climate, many householders are choosing to extend their homes rather than moving to larger premises. With the unpredictable economy, the expenses of stamp duty and estate agent fees and the major upheaval involved with moving house, the option of adding space to your home with a conservatory or orangery has become increasingly attractive. There is also the added value that a quality extension adds to your home.

No matter what style of house you live in, there is a conservatory solution available. Period homes benefit from sympathetically designed bespoke conservatories that mirror the historical architecture and enhance the existing building. Modern homes also benefit from conservatories and there are some striking designs available that add real contemporary glamour.

Before embarking on the process of adding a new conservatory, consider what you will be using it for. Will it be simply to create more living space? If so, it needs to be designed so that it is practical and easy to use and allows the extra space you need. Is it going to be used for entertaining, or as a relaxing garden room, or an extension of your existing kitchen? It is possible to use a conservatory for all of these purposes, but be clear in your mind from the outset to avoid potentially costly mistakes.

The design and construction of conservatories and orangeries has improved enormously in recent years, as has the choice on offer. Combining modern techniques and materials with traditional methods allows designers and manufacturers to respond to the specific needs of customers, giving them an extension that fits their lifestyle, home and budget perfectly.