Living conservatories

Many people like to grow a range of plants in their homes, but do not have enough space or light. Bespoke conservatories and orangeries offer the perfect environment for growing and are a relatively low cost option for increasing living space.

Apart from being ideal for adding space, hosting events and bringing light into an existing room, bespoke conservatories and orangeries make excellent growing spaces. If you do not have a very big garden or if most of it is paved, then a conservatory or orangery can provide you with the additional space you require. You can grow a huge variety of plants in your conservatory or orangery, including fruit, vegetables, herbs and shrubs.

The best way to maximise the growing space within your conservatory or orangery is to use a range of pots and containers. Almost anything can be grown in a container and you can select ones that complement your interior design. If you are a creative person, you might decide to decorate your containers and pots, making them truly unique.

Not only are conservatories and orangeries great for those lacking space in the garden, but the higher temperatures that can be achieved make them perfect for growing more exotic plants than would normally be able to survive in the British climate. Conservatories and orangeries do not have to be used solely for decoration; they can easily become an extension of your outdoor space with the addition of plants.