Seeing the light with a conservatory or orangery

The way we approach our living spaces has changed in recent years. With the growing popularity of gardening, we choose to create a smooth transition between the interior and exterior of our homes. This trend has led to an increase in popularity of bespoke conservatories and orangeries, which are the perfect way to extend your home into the garden.

Whether you live in a period home or one of modern construction, extending your dwelling with the addition of a light-filled conservatory adds many benefits.

Homeowners in these difficult times are choosing to stay in their dwellings rather than selling on and moving up the property ladder. When you consider stamp duty and estate agent fees, the expenses of moving house really start to add up. The alternative is a well-conceived conservatory extension offering the added living space you require and fitted out exactly to your specifications. Bespoke conservatories of quality construction add value to your home and, if they are positioned correctly and well designed, they give a home a real wow factor.

Bespoke conservatories and orangeries can alter the way you live at home. Whether used as a space for entertaining, relaxing or dining, the added light they introduce into your home will have positive benefits. Underfloor heating is often used in conservatories to extend their use into the winter months. The warm sanctuary of a heated conservatory is a real pleasure on icy winter days when it is too cold to be in garden, enabling you to still enjoy the views.