Benefits of Building Orangeries

Many homeowners are looking to add an extension to their property but do not realise the benefits of orangeries.

Everyone has heard of conservatories but not everyone knows about orangeries although they are growing in popularity and are now a buzzword among top estate agents who are using them to sell properties.

Orangeries are typically more formal types of construction when compared to conservatories as they have a strong structure consisting of columns and pillars which are integral to a building.

Conservatories are often regarded as temporary structures which are not integral to the composition of a property and are instead simply an extension to the house very much life a green house.

Orangeries are more private because there is much less glass included in the structure and this added privacy is ideal for properties which are overlooked by neighbouring houses or the street.

Some orangeries can be more expensive than bespoke conservatories to build but this will only add more value onto a property which is important as the housing market is likely to improve in the future.

Fans of orangeries will say that they are more attractive than conservatories because of their classical details and they have more visual impact as they are a lot less common.

Despite their rarity, orangeries are growing in popularity and conservatory companies are experiencing greater demand for the extension as more homeowners want to add an unusual extra room to their house.

Originally fashionable in Holland during the 17th century, orangeries were soon transported to the United Kingdom where they were used to house tropical plants such as oranges and pineapples.

Only the most luxurious homes and institutions traditionally had orangeries such as Kensington Palace and Kew Gardens but modern simplistic and contemporary constructions are now much more affordable and attainable.

There are various orangery designs and choosing the right construction will add real class and elegance to your home, making your friends envious of your new exotic and entertaining room.

The majority of orangeries are fitted with doors that fold open which makes the extensions perfect for the summer months as there will be excellent lighting and spacing options.

Orangeries are designed to stay warm in the winter months, which mean they will not be off limits when it becomes cold during the evening and can still be used all year round.

If you are serious about getting an orangery then it is advisable to consult your local conservatory company as they will have the construction expertise.