Choosing the Correct Bespoke Conservatories

Bespoke conservatories are currently growing in popularity as homeowners are more interesting in improving their house rather than moving property.

Conservatories can make excellent extensions to any home but construction such property additions can take up a lot of time as the planning process and style decisions can be difficult.

A crucial choice to make is the actual design of the conservatory you would like to attach to your house as there are a number of points to consider when deciding on the right design style.

Victorian style conservatories are popular with some homeowners but they can look out of place when attached to modern properties and are best suited to houses which were built in the same era.

The best thing to do is to sit down with a designer from a conservatory firm and explain what you want your extension to do as they will be able to put your thoughts down on paper.

You will need to inform the designer about the extension's purpose as you may just want it for extra floor space or you might like it to be a party room where you entertain friends and family.

Once you have consulted your conservatory designer, there are still a number of basic things you need to consider which will help you get the best out of your outdoor extension.

Living in Britain is not the best for weather so you should always ensure that your conservatory faces the sun when it is at its warmest as you will be able to experience the benefits in the summer months.

Building a south-facing conservatory will enable you to get the most year round sun but this may be too hot for some people, especially the elderly, in summer so you may need to add opening windows and roof vents for extra ventilation.

East-facing conservatories will get the early morning sun which makes them great breakfast rooms but be warned that easterly winds can be chilly so heating appliances are advisable.

West-facing conservatories receive sunlight in the afternoons and evenings so this type of extension is perfect for plants which thrive on indirect sunlight as they will love this pleasantly warm environment.

North-facing conservatories do not receive direct sunlight during the winter so it will be crucial to install heating and insulation as this will make the cold months more bearable.

If you are happy with the location your conservatory will face then the next step is to relax and wait for your extension to be built.