Converting a Conservatory to an Orangery

When conservatories burst  back onto the scene in the eighties  as the nations favourite way to extend  a property  people  were happy  to have wonderful views  even if  the conservatory  didn’t make an ideal  room in the depths of a cold winter .

Thanks to the modern  trend for  glazed extensions  or Orangeries as they are generally called  people now realise that  a  glazed lantern  positioned in  a highly insulated high spec membrane  roof  gives them the ideal combination .

The modern Orangery  provides the surrounding views  normally associated with  a conservatory  with  a feature glazed lantern  giving wonderful views of the sky  and the insulation values of a conventional extension .

People with conservatories  who yearn to own an Orangery  but not at the cost of demolishing  their existing conservatory  can now find a solution  at Kent Conservatory Company .

By clever design and the use of  independent steel  support members Kent Conservatory Company  can normally  replace your conservatory roof  with  an Orangery roof and lantern  without  change to the existing conservatory base  hence achieving good cost savings .

The  Kent Conservatory  Company solution  allows the lantern size  to be varied according to the customers  wishes  which effectively means  the customer  decides on the proportion of glass to solid roof  and  even  the position of the lantern if they wish . Multiple lanterns are also an option .

This is a major improvement over more common schemes which are based on  a full glazed roof  with  “add on “  perimeter  boxing  to give the appearance of an Orangery .

Another  major advantage  of the Kent Conservatory  Company conversion system  is that  it  can be used  with  uPVC , Hardwood  or Aluminium  vertical frames and doors .

The Kent Conservatory Company  conversion  can  be approved under Building Regulations  and  due to  its  build quality  will  add  more value to your property than a conservatory  or  a conservatory modified  by the addition of perimeter  boxing  to give the appearance of an Orangery .

The conversion system can also be used  to convert conservatory roofs  to conventional  tiled roofs .