About Us : Design Your Own Conservatory

The Kent Conservatory Company’s approach is truly unique, providing you with the opportunity to design your own conservatory from concept to curtains.
We will help you by giving you examples of what we have completed for other clients. Our experienced design team will provide you with every assistance to achieve a perfect solution.

Let us help you make the right choice, have you considered:

  • Design alternatives and LA submissions
  • Alternative design solutions and estimates for the same
  • Access and exposure to sun, wind and rain
  • Drainage and services
  • Levels and connection to existing building
  • Security and lighting

Our comprehensive service includes:

  • Free initial inspection, design
  • Free estimates
  • Architectural plans and LA Planning/ building control
  • Listed building consent
  • High performance double glazing
  • Hardwood frames
  • Powder coated aluminium roof
  • Efficient environmental controls
  • Ongoing service and support
  • Competitive flexible service
  • Comprehensive guarantee