About Us : Our Service and Commitment

The Kent Conservatory Company has built a reputation over many years and we are recognised for quality, efficiency and service. We have a full range of experienced, highly motivated crafts-persons covering all trades.

Our service is truly comprehensive and at the same time we have a flexible approach to cater for individual customer needs. We can design, build and maintain a product/ service of your choice from concept to completion.

Alternatively you can ‘pick and mix’ a service to suit your own wishes. For example: we can provide a service tailored to fulfil your brief and we would welcome the opportunity to discuss your individual requirements.

Let us help you make the right choice

Our comprehensive service includes:

  • Free Initial Consultation, Design
  • Free Estimates with alternative price options
  • LA Planning (Listed Building) and Building Control submissions
  • Alterations to existing building
  • Complete groundwork installation 
  • Quality Control and Project Management
  • Comfort and Environment Design: air conditioning, heating/ ventilation
  • Decorations and Finishes
  • Flooring and Furniture, including roof blinds
  • Landscaping and Garden Features 
  • Ongoing service and Support
  • Comprehensive Guarantee