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Victorian Style Conservatory from The Kent Conservatory Company

This Victorian style conservatory will suit almost any property and represents extremely good value for money. Often seen as the original conservatory style the bay end becomes a feature when furniture follows the profile of the building.

Victorian Conservatory: 4m x 3.60m

White, Aluminium, Double Glazed Roof

Fully glazed doors, 2 No. opening windows

Prices from £20,500.00 inc Vat.

Photo shows : Optional brown aluminium roof

Optional Extras

Benefiting from the purchase of a standard Conservator or Orangery does not mean you can only have a low specification product. Our aim with the Aspect range is to provide you with best value high quality standard product but in addition allow you to embellish your purchase by adding any of the following items :

  • Limited joinery style options
  • Additional opening windows
  • Powder coated finials
  • Powder coated cresting
  • Roof vents ( manual or motorised )
  • Glazing options