Are Orangeries For You

There are many benefits to choosing orangeries for your home. When looking to add any substantial building to the existing structure, it is essential to think of what you want from the new room and what you are going to use it for.

A good orangery will act as an extension for your existing home, blending with both the interior and exterior, to add a dramatic extra wing. Maybe as an extra dining or entertaining area, or simply as a place to unwind in, an Orangery is a beautiful addition to any home.

The new room would provide a lot of natural light, brought in by the large glazed windows. This creates a brilliant space for family living, entertaining, dining or any other activity.

Anyone who has a hobby such as craftwork, and gardeners or painters would get particular pleasure from an orangery. They were designed for growing citrus trees, and as such capture a lot of natural warmth and hold it in.

Under floor heating and Pilkington Active glass are the modern touches that make an Orangery the ideal warm space for any home. This means that our orangeries stay warm all year round, and are not just a seasonal space.

An Orangery can add more floor area than a conservatory, and is a much more substantial building.

With more walls, and a partially solid roof, it provides a light and airy room, with clear views to outside space, but with the solid look and feel of being a part of the existing building.

Bi-fold doors can offer unrivalled access to the garden or outdoor area and in summer can be pushed right back to give wide access and views.

Architecture is very important in any major addition to your home, and that's why your perfect orangery should offer a choice of stone or brick walls, and also build a virtual full colour 3D model of your planned investment, to make sure you can see exactly how it will look.

High security composite doors are available for added safety, which have advanced security engineering. Orangeries are available in any shape or design, from our bespoke specialists.

Whether you choose a modern PVC roof and fittings, or the composite elite range of hardwood and powder coated aluminium, there are a large range of colours to choose from.