How UPVC Technology Helps Bespoke Conservatories

The design of bespoke conservatories has changed because modern materials such as UPVC mean that the cost of construction is cheaper.

The most popular use of a conservatory is still to house plants but the modern conservatory can be so much more than that.

The old wooden conservatories are not as popular because wood such as a Baltic pine conservatory is expensive to maintain, and it needs constant TLC. It has to be varnished regularly and treated so that it does not warp.

On the other hand a UPVC conservatory is made from a durable plastic that will not rot and all it needs in terms of maintenance is cleaning.

The beauty of a modern UPVC conservatory is the fact that you do not even have to clean it with chemicals because they will scratch the surface all it needs is a clean with warm water and detergent.

UPVC conservatories are durable so they do not deteriorate, they can last a lifetime without the surfaces fading unlike wood which can look extremely dull after a few years of sunlight.

In short a UPVC conservatory is easy to maintain and even easier to construct from a kit form. In most cases you do not need expensive planning permission. It can he used to house plants but it is also an extension of your living space.

Size is not such a limiting factor with modern plastics, it can be the length of one side of the house as the final conservatory is easy to maintain.

Years ago standing in the hot sun in summer doing essential maintenance was a difficult job, but that is not necessary with modern designs.

Instead of working outside on your conservatory you can be sitting inside at a beautiful glass table with a beer and watching your garden contemplating your savings over a traditionally designed conservatory.

The structures of the UPVC conservatories mean that the heat does not escape, which reduces your heating costs.

If you pay for a doubled glazed window which is in fact two panes of glass with a tiny air gap, then it is possible that you will not need to use any extra heat at all to maintain the comfort level in your conservatory.

The sleek lines of UPVC conservatories mean that they complement all the homes built after the nineteen twenties and they can look fantastic on some older properties.

However for an extra cost they are made to blend in with Victorian and Edwardian houses because they have a more ornate structure.

Granted you lose the minimalistic sleek lines, but that will not be the feel of your older house anyway, a grander design is called for. With modern technology and plastics you can have a durable conservatory to last for years in any style.