Home Improvers Love Orangeries

Extending a property with the addition of orangeries is one of the most popular home improvement choices of recent years.

Because of the uncertain economy, many homeowners are deciding to stay in their current home rather than trying to sell it.

Those who do like to extend their home in some way, especially if they have a growing family and a rapidly decreasing amount of space in the property.

This makes good financial sense as the addition of an extension like an orangery often helps add money onto the valuation of the home.

When people think of an extension, the first things that will usually come into their mind are conservatories. The conservatory has previously been viewed as the only way to extend a home.

But times have changed and there is a new kid on the block. Orangeries have completely transformed people's ideas about extensions as they are without doubt the most aesthetically pleasing way of introducing new-found space to a home.

The orangery has existed since the 17th century when it was traditionally used to house exotic plants and fruits, but it has transformed itself into a living space of the highest order.

It is composed with brickwork rather than UPVC material, meaning that it makes for an even more comfortable location when it is equipped with a relevant heating system. It will keep you warm during winter and cool you down during the summer time.

One thing is does have in common with conservatories is that it is fitted with the very best in double glazing. Any heat that does get generated will remain within the extension, lessening your carbon footprint and helping improve energy efficiency.

This is something that we all need to be aware of if we want to make the UK a greener and cleaner place and avoid high energy bills.