Various Bespoke Conservatories

If you have a large garden and you can get planning permission then there is nothing better than bespoke conservatories.

A conservatory will always add value to your home because it is often used as an extra room, either for relaxing or for dining.

When you have a conservatory built onto your house it can add several thousand pounds to the value of the property.

With conservatories, as with most other things, you get what you pay for. It is in your own best interests not to go for the lowest quote you get when it comes to having a conservatory built on your home.

There are many different types and styles of conservatory, the one that you choose will depend on personal taste, the style and age of your home, and what you can afford.

It is always a good idea to get several quotes before you settle on someone to build your conservatory. Most people will ask others who already have a conservatory for recommendations.

If you know that a company has already done a good job of erecting conservatories then it is likely that they will do a good job on yours. You may want to think about heating in the conservatory as they can get rather cold in winter time.

If you have an all glass conservatory you may also want to have blinds for the roof to avoid too much heat from the sun during the summer months.


If you have a Victorian or Edwardian home then you may want to consider a Victorian style conservatory. The Victorian conservatory is innately British with its grand styling and adds value and comfort to any home.

Your new conservatory will be an extra asset to your property and a great place for entertaining friends and family.

Sun Room

It is well known that natural sunlight is good for your health, conservatories in general allow more light into your home, but the sun room is especially designed to make the best use of that light.

A sun room is smaller than most conservatory styles and is the ideal choice if you want to enjoy some extra sunlight for a while without going outside.

Gable Front

A gable fronted conservatory works well with older properties, particularly those of Edwardian or Victorian vintage. Some people prefer the gable fronted design because it is a conservatory that allows the most extra sunlight into your home.

One of the best things about having a conservatory is that it can be put to a number of different uses. Many people use their conservatory as an extra living room where they can see the garden on days when it is not warm enough to sit outside.

You can also turn your conservatory into a playroom for the children and keep the toys out of the main living room.

Whatever you decide to use your conservatory for it will prove useful while you remain in your home and if you decide to sell it will certainly fetch a better price, even when house prices are falling.