Bespoke Conservatories are the Perfect Solution

Bespoke conservatories are the perfect solution for those home owners looking to add value to their existing home. With a bespoke design, the conservatories can be made to measure and feature a number of personal specifications that will enable the home owner to add their own impression to the build.

Many of the leading manufacturers of conservatories offer a step by step in-house design service that guarantees ultimate flexibility and professionalism from start to finish, turning your vision into a reality. Bespoke conservatories are an affordable way to make the most out of limited outside space or to overcoming potentially challenging builds that could otherwise coast you a fortune.

The beauty of bespoke designs is that you have complete control over every element of the build. During the design process you can decide which type of frame material you'd prefer. This then allows you to make a choice based on which material would best suit your house, taking into consideration both practical and aesthetic factors.

Although you may prefer the cosmetic appearance of one particular type of material, it might not be the best practical solution if your conservatory is going to be exposed to the harsher weather conditions that north facing conservatories are subject to.

This is where you'll be able to take full advantage of the expertise of the design team who'll be able to provide you with suggestions you may not have considered when it comes to combining both style and functionality.

Beyond the exterior frame, customisation extends itself to the interior of the conservatory. Much like the frame, it is well worth considering the practical uses of the conservatory before you decide upon your chosen interior design. If you intend to use your conservatory for relaxation or entertaining friends then a stylish wooden floor would lend itself well to this.

If on the other hand, you have young children who are likely to use the conservatory as a play area then it would be wise to invest in a softer more child friendly type of flooring that is unlikely to cause the children to slip and fall. Home owners have been known to use their conservatories less in the extremes of winter and during the blistering heat of the summer.

There's little surprise then that under floor heating, fans and air conditioning are popular additions that make the conservatory a more assessable room all year round.