Orangeries Enable You To Enjoy Your Garden

This summer weather is always far from predictable but building orangeries will enable you to enjoy your garden come rain or shine.

It really is a favourite topic of conversation in the UK go into any pub, hairdressers or supermarket and you are bound to hear someone talking about the English weather. And more often than not they are probably moaning about it.

However if we did not get all the rain that we get here in the UK we would probably moan even more. The UK is famous for its lush green landscape which we Brits rightly so are very proud of and nowhere more than in our own back gardens.

The problem is that in that due to the climate in the UK getting out into the garden to enjoy it is not always possible. That is unless you have a conservatory or orangery on your home which will allow you to enjoy your garden from the comfort of the inside of your home.

If you want a traditional look then a Victorian or Edwardian style conservatory could be great for your home. However if you are looking for a more contemporary modern look for your home then a orangery could be the answer for you.

An orangery offers you the best of both worlds the roof offers you the light and airy feel of a conservatory the double glazing offers you stunning views of your garden and beyond, whilst the brick or stone built columns offer the substantial feel of an extension and help to tie your orangery in to the rest of your home.

By fitting an orangery with the latest in UPVC double glazing means that not only will your orangery be more efficient as less heat will escape therefore reducing your carbon footprint and your gas and electricity bills.

Double glazing will also help to keep outside noises out so that you can enjoy the views without having to listen to local traffic and your neighbours. UPVC double glazing can also help you to give your orangery a truly individual look.

The UPVC frames themselves can be customised you can choose from a variety of different colours including brilliant white, wood effect or solid colours such as green or black. Then there is the double glazing itself you can pick to have either plain glass or stained glass and lead to really customise your orangery.

You can even choose the materials which are used to build the pillars which hold up your orangery. You can choose between stone or brick.

On the inside you can either leave the stone or brick work exposed or you may prefer to have it plastered so that it is more in keeping with the rest of your home.