Regulating The Temperature Of Orangeries

Investing in orangeries means you can build them to match your own specifications. Once you have everything exactly the way you want it, it is important to make sure the temperature remains perfect too. This can be difficult in a room which is largely dictated by weather conditions outside.

Temperatures can go from overly hot in the summer as natural sunlight is magnified through the large glass surfaces, to too cold in winter periods as heat escapes through the same glass. Finding a balance all year round can be a tricky task due to the natural structure of orangeries but there are a few steps you can take to reach a comfortable solution.

The best way to regulate your temperature is air conditioning; in fact you can get air conditioning units specifically designed for orangeries. The first thing you probably think of when thinking about air conditioning is keeping a room cool. While this is true, which can be very beneficial during summer, air con units can also heat a room in low temperatures. With technology advancing all the time, units are now increasingly cheap to run and require very little in the way of maintenance, meaning that following an initial cost it takes very little in the way of time or money to keep your orangery temperature regular.

Air conditioners operate by moving thermal energy from inside your orangery to outside. In the same way as a fridge works it draws out the warm air and vents it outside via a connecting pipe. Heat pump air conditioning lets you reverse this process, to extract free heat from outside and transferring it indoors. This even works on cold days so you can keep your room heated throughout the winter. This method of heating can prove to cost up to 5 times less than other conventional heating processes.

Orangery blinds are another popular method of reducing heat from the sun during summer but this alone won't completely regulate the temperature inside. If you are sitting in direct sunlight, solar blinds can reduce the heat radiating through your glass, but it won't reduce the overall temperature inside the room if it is already hot. By using both methods together you should be able to get the best results.

With an air conditioning unit you can even set the temperature to exactly how you want it. By altering the thermostat you can tweak it higher or lower, a precision you don't get with blinds. Modern units are relatively quiet as well now, in the past the noise of an air conditioning unit used to put people off the idea. By investing in an air conditioning system you can make sure your orangery is used all year round, rather than just a few months of the year.