Orangeries Are More Affordable

Once upon a time bespoke conservatories and orangeries were a luxury only afforded by the upper classes.

They were a symbol of status and wealth. They were used to grow exotic plants from around the world. It was in the days way before cars, trains and planes travelling from one town to the next was seen as an adventure.

Explorers would risk their lives travelling around the globe in tall ships discovering new lands. Kings, Queens and the aristocracy would sponsor these adventurers and they would bring back bring back the things they discovered.

Amongst the valuable items they would bring back such as gold, precious stone and animals would be exotic plants the likes of which had never been seen in Europe before such as oranges, pineapples and even potatoes.

It soon became very fashionable for the rich to own these plants however they were not used to the climate of northern Europe and soon died. This is when the orangery and later the conservatory were invented. They were warm sheltered environments where the conditions could be adapted to suit the exotic plants.
Over the years orangeries and conservatories have remained popular with the upper classes and it was not until the latter part of the twentieth century that due to vast improvements in technology they became affordable to the masses.

A key player in the success of modern day conservatory was the invention of double glazing. Double glazing has several advantages.

Mainly it is far better at keeping the heat in than single glazing meaning that not only will it be cheaper to run but it is also means that a conservatory or orangery is now a space that can be used not just for plants but as extra living space throughout the year.
The invention of UPVC frames helped further. Particularly in conservatories where there is an awful lot of frame work. With a wooden or metal frame it would need to be treated or painted every couple of years to prevent the wood from rotting or corroding.

This was obviously either a time consuming job to undertake yourself or would be a considerable expense to incur to get someone else to do it for you. Whereas with a UPVC conservatory there is no painting needed just a wipe with a soapy sponge will keep your conservatory looking as good as new.
As conservatories and orangeries have become more popular the amount of manufacturers and installers has increased dramatically. This along with improvements in the manufacturing process has helped to push the cost of conservatories and orangeries down.

They are now a very affordable option and many people are choosing to have a conservatory or orangery installed rather than a more traditional extension not only because they are often cheaper but also because they offer a truly unique light and airy space like no other in your home.

No longer are conservatories and orangeries a luxury only afforded by the masses they are now available to almost anyone and come in a wide range of styles so there is bound to be an option which will suit your home.