How To Decorate Bespoke Conservatories

You would think that building bespoke conservatories would be the end of an extension project but the fun only really starts when you begin to decorate.

Decorating your conservatory may seem like an insurmountable challenge but it can be made a lot easier by breaking down your plans into specific sections as this will make the process more manageable.

Conservatories are ideal rooms for letting in light so you must first focus on what types of blinds you will have hanging inside your windows because these can have a big impact on the look and feel of an extension.

There are numerous blinds available on the market from remote control-operated to easy wipe so it is important to consider different aspects of your conservatory before you make a final decision.

You may not even have to go to the expense of buying blinds in some cases, especially if you have a north facing conservatory in a private garden but they do give an extension a completed feel.

The next section to think about is what type of furniture will go into your extension and this choice is again affected by different factors such as the size and location of your conservatory.

If your conservatory is especially warm because of exposure to sunlight then you should concentrate on purchasing light furniture which is not damaged or worn out by the warm rays.

Another advantage of having light chairs and tables is that they will be easy to move around an extension, which is ideal if you are having a party or just entertaining at short notice.

Personally, I fell that no conservatory is complete without the addition of a few plants because they add life to an extension and can look great if they are properly cared for and looked after.

If your conservatory is warm, then you will probably want to choose more tropical plants that can withstand heat and try not to go for oversized flora because it can make your extension look like the house from the film Jumanji.

Flooring is another important aspect that needs to be considered because you will need different types depending on the people who will frequent your very own conservatory.

If young children and pets are likely to spend a lot of time in a conservatory, then you will require a hard wearing and easy to clean floor, however, those without kids and animals may want something more plush and comfortable.