Brighten Your Home with Orangeries

If you feel like you have outgrown your house but cannot afford to move then you should consider orangeries.

Orangeries are growing in popularity with people who are looking to improve their existing property instead of moving to a new house as they are a modern way to add elegance to a home.

The current economic climate has meant that moving home is increasingly difficult as house prices have fluctuated and people are now required to place large deposits to secure mortgages.

This economic instability has lead to a growth in the home improvement market and the popularity of orangeries and bespoke conservatories are at the forefront of improved sales.

Conservatories are the traditional home extension that people have plumped for in the past but more and more modern property owners are looking at exploiting the benefits of orangeries.

Orangeries are a more formal version of bespoke conservatories because they are regarded as an integral part of a building whereas a conservatory can be seen as just a temporary structure.

Classical detail included in the columns and pilasters of orangeries mean that the extensions are usually more expensive than conservatories but these features make them more visually striking.

Adding an orangery may be more expensive but the greater cost will mean that the extension will add more value to your home compared to the effects of bespoke conservatories.

Building an orangery will enable you to expand the useable living space available in your house while at the same time affording it a contemporary and luxurious feel usually only expected from stately homes.

Another benefit of an orangery is that they use a lot more bricks and timber so you will be afforded a lot more privacy which is important for those with properties that are overlooked by neighbouring houses or the road.

If you are unsure whether your style of property is more suited to an orangery or a bespoke conservatory, then you should consult your local conservatory company as they will have experience in building both types of extension.

Finding a reputable conservatory company can be difficult so I always use the internet to check out a firm's portfolio to examine whether they have built extensions on time and within budget.

If you do not know where to start your search, then I suggest typing either the phrase orangeries or bespoke conservatories into a popular search engine and comparing the work of the sites that you find.