Get the Best from Your Bespoke Conservatories

Make the most of bespoke conservatories so that they do not turn into just another room on the side of your house.

Bespoke conservatories are useful all year round and should not just be occupied in the summer months as they can be used as a separate room to your house, a kitchen extension, a dining room or even a living room.

Once you have decided what to use your conservatory for, then the next step is filling it will appropriate furniture as a dining room will require traditional tables and chairs, while a lounge would need a comfortable sofa.

It is important to understand that it is not all about the furniture when decking out your extension as lighting will have the biggest impact on the atmosphere and mood of a conservatory.

Blinds can help control the amount of sunshine that enters an extension and these can be placed on either the conservatory's roof or windows, which will also help you regulate the room's temperature.

Lighting is also important for the evening and darker months and can create a great ambience which is ideal for entertaining friends and family over dinner or party games.

Conservatory chandeliers are growing in popularity as they provide an impressive amount of light and act as an amazing focal point which encourages compliments and discussion.

Typical conservatory illuminations are wall lightings and a couple of these are usually found in medium-sized conservatories and they are commonly operated by the same or individual switches.

Floor lighting is also increasing in prevalence but how appropriate these are for you depend on the style of your conservatory as they are not wholly suitable for extensions which already include wall lighting.

When you have decided on your lighting options, you must also consider how to heat your conservatory as this will enable the room to be used in even the coldest of winter months.

There are a number of heating options available for your conservatory with the most popular being either a radiators or under floor heating, which you can have running off your home's central system or off its own systems.

Whatever option you choose, you must ensure that your extension heating system has its own thermostat because it will be different to every other room in the rest of your property.

Radiators are useful if you have a low wall around your conservatory, while under floor heating may not fit every extension so it is important to do research beforehand.