Contemplating Bespoke Conservatories

Bespoke conservatories may be growing in popularity but there are a number of considerations to contemplate before construction commences.

Building bespoke conservatories can take plenty of planning in the first place to ensure that the extension does not contravene any local building laws, which could cancel construction before it starts.

The majority of conservatories built in Britain will not require planning permission as long as they meet a number basic of requirements but it is always advisable to check with local authorities prior to embarking on the project.

Once you discover that your conservatory adheres to local building laws then the first decision to take is where to locate the extension as there are a number of factors which can influence this choice.

When deciding on the direction in which the conservatory is going to face, you must consider what the main purpose of the room is as you may want the sun to rise and set in different places for different occasions.

If you are worried about the impact that the climate may have on your conservatory, you will be pleased to know that certain structural materials and glass can be installed to reduce any risk posed by extreme heat or cold.

Now that you know where your conservatory will go, the next step is to choose a design that will best suit the current condition of your property as there are a number of designs available on the market.

You should consider the age of your home because certain designs are more appropriate for traditional houses, while a vintage conservatory design would look out of place on a modern property.

Traditional conservatories which would suit older properties include gable-fronted and Victorian designs, while Georgian conservatories will look better as an extension on modern homes.

Victorian and Georgian designs can be adapted to suit properties of all sizes but larger homes should opt for P-shaped conservatories as they will not be dominated by this design like smaller houses would.

Now you know the design of your extension it is time to choose the structural frame of your conservatory because you may need added installation or something which is easy to maintain.

If you want to keep your conservatory really low-maintenance then you may want to install self-cleaning glass.

Some materials such as timber can be aesthetically pleasing but they will not suit all properties are most appropriate for traditional and grander homes so modern houses may need to consider PVC or aluminium.